House Clearance

The Changing Nature of House Clearances 

PUBLISHED: 22/10/2019

House clearances are the best and worst part of our job. 

A lot of the time we've been instructed to carry out house clearances due to a death in the family, such as someone's parent or another close relative. As part of our service, we meet the family and walk the property and deliver the quote. It's often under very sensitive circumstances, therefore we always ensure we are extremely professional and offer our support throughout the whole process. 

A recent house clearance lead us to thinking about how people's habits have changed over the years, especially thinking about why the older generation hoard so much. They didn’t have iPhones when they brought up there kids, so if their children brought something home, for example if they made a toy and it conjured up a memory, they kept it. Nowadays, instead of keeping memorable items, we record and take pictures of it all and instead store it in a cloud, throwing it all away.

For everyone at The Waste Team, we realise what a privilege it is to walk round someone’s property - whilst very sad it’s also quite a beautiful thing to see. It’s a map of their life with physical memories all around.

As we watch house clearances change throughout the years, we're sure that we'll start to notice that younger people will hoard less as now their memories are stored in the cloud rather than in their house. 

So, whilst we still have relatives who are hoarding, don't think "Wow look at all that stuff", instead think that all that 'stuff' is there for a reason and that reason is quite beautiful.

It's days like these where you get to take a step back and look at what you're doing and realise sometimes how important our job can be. We make it all the better by providing a quick and efficient service; recycling up to 90% of the waste we collect so you know that only a minimal amount of waste from our house clearances will go to landfill. 

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