Asbestos Removal

Our team are trained to move asbestos in a safe and effective way. We have 20 years experience of this hazardous waste. We can knock down existing structures with asbestos roofing  we did 45 garages in 2017 alone. By removing asbestos from your property you increase its value and gain peace of mind. All work is backed up with a certificate of completion as part of our due diligence.

Asbestos is dangerous. Most of us know this, so it’s not surprising some people are shocked or even scared when they learn they've got a garage made of the stuff, or a shed with an asbestos roof. In older properties, some may also find that asbestos has been used in the construction of the house, often in a flue or as cladding.

Eventually, asbestos can break down into hazardous waste and the debris needs to be dealt with properly. Asbestos fibres can kill so it’s essential you move asbestos efficiently and safely.

Waste Team director, Danny Thornton, says:

"Dismantling, collection and disposal of asbestos needs to be carried out by trained staff using the right equipment like disposable protective hooded overalls and, when appropriate, respiratory protection equipment (RPE).Here at The Waste Team, we start the clean-up with a risk assessment of the site and the asbestos that needs removing.

Removal is carried out in compliance with statutory regulations to ensure that the danger is eliminated with all necessary safeguards in place. Collected asbestos is placed in a sealed skip for removal.Under Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005)."

After the work, all clients are issued with Environment Agency consignment notices and waste transfer notes signed by a Waste Team Ltd Director and carrying the company’s licence number.

This applies to our asbestos removal in Leeds and elsewhere. It provides evidence for the client to present to authorities, if requested, that the waste has been dealt with legally and correctly.

We are happy to discuss all issues further with any client wanting more information. At the same time we are confident that our charges are not just competitive but provide customers with the best value in Leeds and Yorkshire.

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