Global Recycling Day: 4 Reasons You Should Recycle Your Waste.

PUBLISHED: 15/03/2022

On the 18th of March, we celebrate Global Recycling Day. This is an annual event that raises awareness about the importance of recycling and its role in creating a more sustainable world.

UK households create over 27 million tonnes of waste each year with around 44.4% of it being recycled and the rest going to the landfill. In England, we recycle 44% of our waste while some of our close neighbours are doing much better, with Wales recycling over 56% of It. But that’s nothing compared to other world leaders! Germany, Austria and South Korea knock it out of the park when it comes to recycling household waste, with an average rate of 60-70%!

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How The Waste Team Reduces Waste

The Waste Team are all environmentally friendly and we try to reduce consumption and minimise our impact on the environment the best we can. As part of this, we are proud to say:

  1. We recycle 90% of the waste we collect as a business.
  2. We always fix and reuse broken tools so they can have a longer life span and avoid landfill.
  3. We never throw out rubber gloves and operate a glove cleaning rota to reduce waste.
  4. We deal with all customers online so our customer journey is paperless.


Whether you need domestic waste removal or commercial waste removal, we will work with you to recycle your waste and clear up your premises!

How We Stopped 12 Tonnes of Paper Going to Landfill  

In February, we were tasked with an emergency waste removal job at a nearby industrial park. The customer contacted us informing us that they had a huge paper clean up that needed immediate action. In that same day, our qualified waste removal team came and saved the day!

Rather than all the paper going to landfill, our team happily removed it and recycled it all. This stopped unnecessary waste going to landfill and also helped the business get back to work with no interruptions. The Waste Team always deliver stress-free, reliable, fast efficient waste removal service!

Why Should You Recycle Your Waste?

We’ve always been told to play our part in protecting the planet, whether it’s cycling to work or taking reusable shopping bags to the supermarket. Another tried and tested way to reduce your carbon footprint is by simply recycling. Not sure how it benefits the environment? Read on to find out the top reasons to recycle.

Reduces Waste

Recycling helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or is littered in the natural environment. When waste decomposes in landfills, it produces methane, carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.

Annually, recycling helps save over 700 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions globally, which is expected to reach 1 billion tonnes by 2030. By reducing these dirty emissions, we can limit the impacts of climate change and air pollution and help our planet survive another day.

Conserves Resources

On top of protecting our planet, recycling also helps conserve natural resources and reduces the need to extract new resources from the earth, which has a significant impact on the environment.

For example, when we recycle paper and wood, we save trees and forests which are vital resource that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. With fewer trees cut down, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. Plus, by recycling plastic, we can reduce our reliance on producing more, which is most commonly made from chemicals that increase global warming.

Protects ecosystems and wildlife

Recycling can also help reduce the pollution that enters ecosystems and harms wildlife. Right now, there are more than 171 trillion pieces of plastic floating around the world’s oceans. This is estimated to triple by 2040 without proper action. So by recycling plastic, we prevent it from ending up in rivers and oceans and avoid harm to marine animals, which usually get tangled up and seriously harmed.

With less need to extract natural resources, recycling can preserve natural habitats and prevent deforestation. Deforestation is a serious threat to many species of wildlife as it destroys their habitats and food chains and causes soil to erode.

Saves Energy

Products made with recycled materials require less energy than creating them from new, raw materials. For example, creating new aluminium from old products, like recycled cans and foil, uses 95% less energy than producing it from scratch! Recycled steel can also save 70% of energy as well.

Altogether, recycling will lower carbon emissions and keep your waste from sitting in the landfill for weeks up to millions of years until they biodegrade or decompose.

Contact us for Your Recycling Needs

The Waste Team are committed to helping keep your local area clean and green. So if you’re looking for an environmentally conscious waste collection and disposal service, look no further. We can guarantee that 90% of your waste will be recycled so make sure to celebrate Global Recycling Day the right way, get in touch with us today!


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