Asbestos Removal

At The Waste Team, we have over 20 years’ experience in removing all kinds of unwanted waste, including asbestos.

Our team are trained to remove asbestos in a safe and effective way. We are experts in the safe and secure removal of this dangerous material and all our work is backed up with a Certificate of Completion as part of our due diligence. For more information on our asbestos removal services, contact us today.

Why Choose The Waste Team?

  • Fully trained, asbestos removal professionals
  • Don’t panic, we can reach you on the same-day!
  • Return your home or premises to a safe a secure place in no time!
  • Reliable, friendly team with over 20 years experience
  • We recycle more than 90% of the waste we collect!
  • Certificate of Completion supplied for your peace of mind
  • Fully licensed waste carrier CHAS registered and insured
  • VAT invoice on completion of your job

Asbestos is dangerous – it can be frightening and concerning to discover any amount of it within your home. In older properties, some may also find that asbestos has been used in the construction of the house, often in a flue or as cladding. Asbestos fibres can kill as the material breaks down and disintegrates, so it’s essential you dispose of asbestos efficiently and safely. We will provide Hazardous Transfer notes for your records and peace of mind.

Contact The Waste Team today for asbestos removal services in Leeds. Call us on 0113 256 8853 or complete the form and someone will call you straight back. 




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