All of us at The Waste Team are environmentally responsible.

We consider all the environmental effects our business and individual actions have on the local community and the wider world.

How do The Waste Team reduce consumption and minimise our impact on the environment, with a huge focus on recycling? 

Environment Agency registered Waste Carrier  Number: CBDU124810


Reducing Waste

  • The Waste team recycle 90% of the waste that we collect as a business.
  • Our customer’s journey is always paperless.
  • We never just throw out a pair of rubber gloves. We operate a glove cleaning rota to reduce waste.
  • Tools break, but we don’t bin them. We have a dedicated team member who fixes all of our tools for a longer life span.


Transport Solutions

    • The Waste Team Director drives to quotes in one of the vans used for waste removals and, wherever possible, carries the job out there and then.
    • 3 of The Waste Team staff members run to work and/or home.
    • 1 of The Waste Team staff members walks to and from work.
    • Our whole fleet is Euro 6 compliant and in line with clean air submission rules.



The Community

  • The Waste team take part in volunteering projects across Leeds and beyond to remove items that have been fly tipped in community areas.
  • We sponsor The Camp Detox Boxing Club in Leeds


Home Life

  • We all prefer to ride our bikes over driving where we can.
  • Family life is centred around The Waste Team ethos. We recycle as much as we can within our homes.

The Waste team are 100% committed to limiting the environmental impact of our activities. The whole team have high standards when it comes to energy efficiency and environmental safety.

You can trust The Waste Team to help keep your local area clean and green! Call us today on 0113 5312 919 or complete our online form and a member of the team will be in touch shortly. 


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