Biscuit, anyone?

PUBLISHED: 31/07/2019

Rationing in the UK began during WW1 because we were at war, yet was stopped in 1954. 65 years later, food is going to waste - and believe it or not this is 2 tonnes of out of date food hoarded by one individual at a domestic house clearance.

Whether they feared an apocalypse or WW3, the environment this food has come out of meant it was not able to be reused to feed the homeless or for any other food projects. This is a crying shame and just shows what we've become as a society, not taking responsibility for the impact of our waste on the environment. 

As individuals we need to act, then collectively we can make a difference. In the meantime, The Waste Team will be here to continue collecting your personal waste or rubbish and disposing of it in a safe way. We have a commitment to the environment to recycle 90% of the waste we collect. 

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