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3 Rubbish Disposal Techniques that are Bad for You and the Environment

PUBLISHED: 01/11/2019

Rubbish Removal via Burning

It might be bonfire night, but don’t do it!

Burning your rubbish is bad for you, your neighbours and the environment.  Not only does it cause some seriously bad smells, but it can cause air pollution. Particularly if you’re burning something damp, this will cause a lot of smoke which can be really harmful to people who suffer with asthma and heart conditions.

We’ve seen people lose control of their fires too, burning their garden fences in the process.

Rubbish Removal via Fly-Tipping

Fly-tipping is illegal, and you can be prosecuted. Prosecution can involve imprisonment and substantial fines of up to £50,000. That should be enough of a reason not to do it! But if you need more, here goes:

  • It causes local areas to look run down and uninviting
  • Uncontrolled rubbish removal can be hazardous to the public
  • If the rubbish includes asbestos, then it can be seriously harmful
  • It affects soil quality in the area the rubbish is dumped
  • There’s a risk of damage to watercourses in the area

Rubbish Removal via the Street

People often don’t see this as fly-tipping, but it could still be seen as this. Even if it’s a fridge that you’re offering for free, it makes the local area look run down and neighbours are usually very unhappy with it! If you’re wanting to give something away then a charity shop is a much better, tidier and appropriate option.

Rubbish Removal the Right Way!

If you have rubbish you need to get rid of, please don’t do any of the above! Contact our friendly team and we’ll assist in any way we can. At The Waste Team, we provide the easiest and greenest way to get rid of your waste. All you have to do is get in touch, pick and date and time for your rubbish to be removed, then sit back and relax whilst we take care of the hard work and the waste removal! We are committed to recycling up to 90% of the waste we collect.

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