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Coronavirus Cleaning - How can we help your business decontaminate from Covid-19?

How effective is TECcare CONTROL and The Waste Team coronavirus cleaning process? 

The Waste Team are confident that we can offer a highly effective coronavirus cleaning service for all industries. We take health and safety very seriously and our decontamination process take yours and ours into consideration.

Coronavirus is classed as an enveloped virus and with TECcare CONTROL being proven to be effective against enveloped viruses, you can be sure that your business is left cleaner and safer.

How do we decontaminate?

The process we follow for coronavirus cleaning within all environments is:

  • Create and implement a site risk assessment and method statements
  • Site induction is performed for all staff members
  • Health and Safety is paramount, so we continually perform audits
  • Cleaning and decontamination takes place using TECcare CONTROL

The team use electrostatic spraying to administer the disinfectant. This means that an electrical charge is added to the liquid as it’s being sprayed, allowing the disinfectant to get to all those hard to reach areas. 

The disinfectant is an incredibly accurate cleaner, removing dirt and fungi, killing viruses and C-Diff, with effects that last up to 48hours. This results in a cleaner, safer environment for all.

Why choose The Waste Team for Covid-19 cleaning and decontamination?

  • Help reduce the risk of Coronavirus
  • Eliminate enveloped viruses from environmental surfaces
  • High standard of cleaning
  • Disinfectant used is environmentally friendly
  • TECcare CONTROL is proven to be highly effective against enveloped viruses
  • Licensed team


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