Fly Tipping in Leeds: Why is Rubbish Dumping Illegal?

PUBLISHED: 03/08/2023

Between 2021 and 2022, local authorities dealt with 1.09 million fly tipping incidents in England, with 65% involving household waste. In Yorkshire alone, there are 225 cases of fly tipping daily, totalling a yearly figure of 81,952 incidents.

Dumping your waste illegally is a serious issue for health and safety and, unfortunately, plagues Leeds. During public holidays and school breaks, The Waste Team see huge spikes of fly tipping clean-up enquiries across council properties, highways and local businesses. To ensure you’re not at risk of prosecution, follow our fly tipping guide and learn how to handle signs of waste dumping.

What Is Classed As Fly Tipping?

Fly tipping is the act of illegally disposing of waste in a private or public area such as parks, schools or highways. Fly tipping involves all forms of controlled waste, including general household waste, commercial waste, garden refuse and large domestic items such as mattresses and white goods.

Fly tipping also applies to using a person, who is an unlicensed waste management provider, to dispose of your rubbish.

Why Is Fly Tipping Illegal?

Fly tipping is considered a criminal act if a person is to dump, cause or allow waste to be dumped in a place not approved by a waste management license. As well as being unlawful dumping, fly tipping can be a dangerous issue to others. It can cause pollution, harm human health and cost a council taxpayer significant funds to clear away.

Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, a person who commits a fly tipping offence is liable to:

  1. “On summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or a fire not exceeding £50,000, or both;
  2. On conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or a fine or both.”


Paying someone unlicensed to remove your rubbish often results in fly tipping. If you do this, you can also be fined and risk getting a criminal record.

Commerical and domestic properties are obliged to dispose of waste properly. At The Waste Team, we’ve tackled piles of dumped rubbish and have helped Wakefield, Bradford and Leeds Council clear up when needed.

What Should You Do if Someone Has Dumped Rubbish on Your Property?

The Leeds Council recommend people report dumped rubbish on public land, gardens or business properties. This can include overflowing bins and typical cases of fly tipping.

Often times, the council can be overrun with work, meaning you are only able to regain space around your property once it is picked up. Rather than shifting the waste yourself, The Waste Team can efficiently clear up fly tipping quickly. We are licensed waste carriers trusted by several local councils to collect waste.

Whether you’re clearing out an office or disposing of white goods, we can remove and recycle up to 90% of the waste you have at your property. Stay protected and get the experts on the job! 

Contact The Waste Team for Fly Tipping Clean Up

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