How to Deal with Post-Christmas Waste Removal

PUBLISHED: 22/12/2022

Christmas is a joyous time for celebration with family and friends. However, after the happy yet chaotic period ends, we’re often left feeling deflated and overwhelmed; especially when we are forced to deal with all the left-over mess.

Here at The Waste Team, we want you to know that you’re not alone. As licensed waste removal experts, we want to help with big Christmas clean-up by offering our waste clearance and removal services.

We also have plenty of advice to overcome the post-Christmas mayhem and how to make your Christmas that extra bit ‘green’.

What to Recycle and What Not to Recycle

Christmas cards are one of the most widely recycled items around the festive season, and rightly so. Each and every Christmas card can be recycled unless they are decorated with glitter or foil; and in that case, it’s best to put them in your general waste bin.

Natural Christmas trees are also recyclable as they can be cut up into smaller sections or shredded into chippings, before being disposed of in your garden waste bins. Another option could be to replant your tree, allowing it to be reused year after year.

Each Christmas, as much as 227,000 miles of wrapping paper ends up in UK rubbish bins – that’s enough to reach the moon! When it comes to recycling wrapping paper, it’s important to ensure that any extra decoration has been removed, for example ribbons, bows and even sticky tape.

More Tips to Have a ‘Green’ Christmas

For those that prefer a plastic Christmas tree, why not store it in your loft or another convenient place to reuse for years to come. Plastic Christmas trees can last forever with a little bit of love and care, which makes them a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to purchasing a new tree every year.

Why not try being creative and exploring alternative gift options to allow for a ‘greener’ Christmas? By giving experiences or home-made presents, you’ll not only reduce the amount of carbon emissions from gift deliveries but create some thoughtful, sentimental gifts for your loved ones.

Another tip to create a more sustainable Christmas is to avoid disposable dinnerware. By using your everyday cutlery and dinnerware instead, you will be reducing waste and plastic pollution. Also, when meal-planning portion sizes to reduce excess of Christmas dinner, you will be able to waste less and save money.

Let Us Help

At The Waste Team, our commitment is to support you in managing your waste removal easily and efficiently. We do this by offering waste removal services for your every need. Our aim is always to achieve this sustainably by recycling 90% of the waste that we collect.

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