Spruce Up Your Garden for Summer 

PUBLISHED: 30/05/22

So, you’ve been staring out of the window at the back garden all winter knowing that at some stage you’re going to have to get out there and prepare for summer.

Well, the time has come to be brave, fling open the shed door, put on the wellies, get digging and turn your overgrown, weed-ridden plot into the perfect space to play and socialise with family and friends.

BBQs Ready

The good news is it doesn’t have to take a massive effort to renovate the back garden. Here are some top tips so you can start to create a space to be proud of, where you can fire up the BBQ and welcome a bit of nature.

The first point may seem obvious, but get to know your garden! Which point of the compass does it face? What is the soil like? Are there areas that get a bit boggy when it rains? All this information will help you decide what to do, what to change and where to put new features.

If you fancy growing your own vegetables, digging out a pond or creating a surface for a swing or trampoline then don’t forget you’ll have soil and turf to remove after you’ve made the space.

Take a look at what you are growing already and what you might like to keep or remove. Pruning back shrubs, bushes and trees will mean a lot of waste in the form of leaves, twigs and branches to clear up - even if you think you’re going easy with the pruning tools!

Get Planning

Before you actually start, make sure you have a plan - don’t just start digging! And whatever you do, make sure you don’t try to do the renovation in one go, instead do the work in stages, because, as we all know, gardening makes muscles ache that you never knew you had.

And most importantly, consider how you are going to clear all the soil, trees, garden cuttings, turf, branches, leaves, grass, fencing, brick, concrete and old decking that you will inevitably collect as the work progresses.

Keep It Clean

An unsightly skip or the council wheelie bin won’t do the garden waste removal but The Waste Team can. We’re the experts with more than 20 years of experience in helping you create your little piece of paradise. We’ll take all the waste away and then dispose of it safely.

We are fully licensed for waste disposal and are accredited under the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.

Our professional and friendly team will do all the lifting and shifting and will leave no mess so you can have your garden just how you want it to be. No matter how big or how heavy, we’ll help you get rid of your garden waste at a cost-effective price.
And we’re flexible so we can work to a date and time that suits you best leaving you with a garden that’s exactly how you wanted it to be.

Contact Us

If you’d like to know more about our garden waste removal services, then contact The Waste Team via our website, or call on 0113 5312 919. We look forward to hearing from you!

ing a quick and efficient service; recycling up to 90% of the waste we collect so you know that only a minimal amount of waste from our house clearances will go to landfill. 

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