Winter Waste Removal

PUBLISHED: 01/11/2022

With more inclement weather already upon us and Christmas just around the corner, the winter months present us with a variety of challenges. Fortunately, managing your waste does not have to be one of them!

At The Waste Team, we offer environmentally friendly winter waste removal and clearance services, as well as offering useful waste removal hints and tips that will help you to keep your waste safe and under control in the colder months.

Beware of Waste in Harsh Weather Conditions

Protect Your Recycling Bins from the Elements

Rain and Snow

It is important to prevent rainwater from getting into your recycling bins as this can dampen waste. This can be problematic for recycling companies when they come to collect it. To avoid this problem, it is best to find a sheltered location to store your bins where the contents will be protected.  


Aside from rain and snow, frost can also dampen waste and even cause it to freeze. If frozen waste comes into contact with chemical products, it can become dangerous to people, wildlife and the environment. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your bins are sealed or use a different container. Remember to always keep your waste covered!


Strong winds can be a nuisance in the winter, especially when they spread waste all over the garden and driveway! That’s why it is best to make sure all your waste is stored in a sturdy and secure container.


One of the biggest winter threats is ice. Mitigate this risk for pedestrians and road users by ensuring entrances, exits and pavements are clear of waste. 

Make Sure Storage Areas Are Safe

Contaminated rainwater ingress in storage areas can lead not only to unpleasant smells, but even disease. This is a good opportunity to check your storage areas for leaks, checking both windows and doors and adding extra protection if necessary.

Reuse and Recycle Unwanted Clothes

Naturally, recycling is beneficial all year-round. However with many people struggling through the harsher winter months, the option to donate unwanted clothes and other suitable items is a no-brainer. Never mind waiting until March for a spring clean - declutter, recycle and make a difference this winter!

At The Waste Team, we’re here to provide an efficient domestic and commercial waste management solution – whatever the weather!

We want to make waste removal and clearance as easy as possible, whilst ensuring the safety of you and those around you. That is why we offer a range of waste removal services in the West Yorkshire region to suit your specific needs. Our methods are quick and efficient with sustainability always at the forefront. Our aim is to always recycle 90% of the waste that we collect.

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