Spring Cleaning Checklist: A Must-Have Guide for a Tidier Home

PUBLISHED: 05/03/2024

It’s spring cleaning season! Throughout March, UK residents gather their mops, cleaning products, and bins to thoroughly clean their homes. But did you know, you can also clean the outside?

The Great British Spring Clean runs from the 15th to the 31st of March. This is the nation’s biggest environmental campaign, encouraging communities to pick up litter in public spaces. As waste removal specialists, we’re dedicated to making Leeds and the surrounding areas cleaner and greener. That’s why we recycle 90% of waste collections!

Before you start your deep clean, use our checklist to get organised and learn tips for an effective clear-out.


What Does Spring Cleaning Include?

Dust, Hoover & Polish

You do these chores regularly - even daily. But no matter how often you do them, your home will always need cleaning. First, dust from hard-to-reach places, like the tops of windows and bookcases, all the way to the baseboard.

Get your vacuum and hoover any dust, dirt, and crumbs on your floor, furniture, and tight corners. Now, polish any photo frames, ornaments and surfaces that look dull and drab.

Mop Floors & Wash Windows

We’ve faced a lot of rain recently. And you know what that means? Dirty floors. Your floors are exposed to all kinds of muck, so once you’ve hoovered or brushed, get them shining again with a good wash!

Remember to clean your inside windows, too! Over time, your windows collect fingerprints, general dirt, water splatters, and pollen. Cleaning them allows as much light to come in as possible.

Clear out Fridge, Freezer & Cupboard

Do you have out-of-date food and drink taking up space in your refrigerator and cupboards? Wash and recycle any containers and throw mouldy food into your domestic waste. If you have a surplus of long-shelf-life foods, take them to your local food bank.

Declutter Your Mess Drawer

Everyone has a mess drawer. It’s the designated rubbish drawer filled with tangled wires, scraps of paper and used batteries. It’s time to clear this clutter! Be ruthless here - throw out all waste that takes up space and adds nothing to your life.

Rotate Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress every three months prevents it from becoming overworn on one side. If your mattress is in bad shape, it’s time to get a new one. The Waste Team is a licensed waste carrier that can collect and recycle any mattress brought our way. We also remove old appliances!

Chuck Old Clothing

Clear out your cupboards of old, torn, forgotten clothes, shoes, and accessories. If they’re in good shape, donate them to a charity. But if they’re past repair, chuck them in a bin bag and call The Waste Team to collect your clothes pile.

Contact Your Local Waste Removal Company

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