New Year Clear Out: 8 Items to Chuck in 2024

PUBLISHED: 03/01/2024

Do you believe in superstitions? Well, several traditions say you should avoid any cleaning on January 1st. Doing so will supposedly ‘wash away a loved one’. Now, this is a perfect excuse for those suffering from a NYE hangover, but time has passed, and it’s time to get your house in order.

Start the New Year fresh with a deep clean of everything you no longer need. From broken appliances to bumpy mattresses, here are some things to declutter for the year ahead.


8 Things to Declutter for the New Year

Unopened Food or Drink

Check expiration dates and chuck any food and drink items past their prime. Don’t forget to compost or recycle your domestic waste so it doesn’t go to landfill! If you have spare dry goods, share them with a local food bank or charity. Homeless Street Angels, our charity partner, will take any donations you offer.

Expired Cosmetics and Medicine

Have you collected one too many mini hotel toiletries? Or are you hoarding expired medicine and cosmetics that occupy too much room? It’s time to clear out this clutter. For expired medicine, head to your pharmacy to dispose of it safely. Doing this will prevent your kid from getting their hands on it. And we don’t want to start the New Year like that!

Old Towels

You need to wash your bath towels after 3-4 uses and any hand towels once a week. If you don’t, your dingy towels become a feeding ground for germs and bacteria. After regular use, your towels will wear out or be covered in bacteria (if you don’t wash them enough). Throw out any raggedy, thinning towels and get a new set.

Unwanted Clothes

Sort through your wardrobe and pick out unwanted clothes. Hats, tops, shoes - the lot of them! Donate them to your Highstreet charity shop or sell your clothes online. Either way, you’ll avoid clothes going to the landfill and improve your carbon footprint!

Rubbish Drawer

Every home has an allocated rubbish drawer. You know, the one under your desk or kitchen cabinet brimming with clutter? From old cables to loose buttons, this drawer needs to go. Clear out the clutter and find a new home for the items worth keeping.

 If you have leftover rubbish, chuck it in your bin for waste removal. 

Old Appliances

White goods like fridges, freezers and washing machines will eventually not work as efficiently. This may be the year. Remove old appliances and invest in an energy-efficient alternative to reduce energy bills!

Shabby Furniture 

If you’re planning a house clearance this year, throw out weathered furniture to make room for new items. Old chairs, lumpy mattresses and sofas are just a few things you can get The Waste Team to collect. Let’s help you save time and back pain!

Christmas Waste

The holidays are long gone, but that doesn’t mean you’ve disposed of your remaining Christmas waste! Grab a black bin bag and start routing through holiday rubbish that needs to be chucked or recycled. Or - reuse it for next year!

Start the New Year Clutter Free with The Waste Team

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