The Dos and Don'ts of Garden Waste Removal

PUBLISHED: 07/06/2023

By the end of this month, it will officially be summer. Beer gardens, BBQs and picnics are soon coming - weather permitting! Despite our nation’s temperamental weather, we still hope for hotter summer days. But before summer comes, you will need to get your garden in shape, which means you’ll have to tackle any garden waste built up over this year.

If you’re on a mission to spruce up your garden, you must ensure you dispose of your garden waste responsibly. As garden waste removal experts, we’ll go into our top dos and don’ts for removing your waste in a way that has little to no negative environmental impact.

Top 3 Tips for Removing Garden Waste

Compost Your Waste

Whether it’s garden waste or food waste, consider composting it instead of sending waste to the landfill. When garden waste is left to rot in a landfill, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas emission several times more potent than carbon dioxide. If we all collectively increase our composting efforts, we could reduce emissions by 2.1 billion tonnes by 2050!

Not only will you be playing your part for the environment, but you will also be able to use compost as a nutrient-rich soil for your plants. You’ll soon have a healthy, thriving space that impresses any guest at your next garden party!

Separate Your Garden and General Waste

If you need to dispose of your garden waste, make sure to separate it into two different categories - general and garden. Garden waste includes leaves, branches, grass trimmings, weeds and so on. General waste may include old garden furniture, sheds, decking, plant pots and soil.

Each type of waste will be handled differently by the council. For garden waste, it can be placed in council wheelie bins and for general bulky waste, you’ll need to make a trip to the skip (or hire outright). Neither is convenient and could make your open space look unsightly. The Waste Team will collect your garden and domestic waste on the day, so you get your garden ready quicker and easier!

Hire a Professional Garden Waste Removal Company

No matter how big or heavy your garden waste is, we’ll dispose of it all! The Waste Team is fully licensed for waste disposal and will help get your garden in tip-top shape. With over 20 years of experience, we will safely and professionally dispose of any waste that comes our way.

Make the responsible choice and contact The Waste Team. We pride ourselves on delivering 100% customer satisfaction and can guarantee that 90% of your waste is recycled every time.

Top 3 Things You Should Avoid When Disposing of Garden Waste

Burning Your Garden Waste

Burning your garden waste is not allowed in the UK as it can harm people’s health and will release pollutants into the air. Although it’s not illegal to have a bonfire, there are laws in place around the dangerous impacts the smoke can create, such as pollution.

Plus, your neighbours can complain to the local council if you continue to burn garden waste, which could result in a large fine. It’s best to avoid this at all costs - stick to The Waste Team instead!

Throwing All Waste into the Same Bin

As mentioned earlier, you must separate your waste into general and garden. Chucking general waste like soil, large branches, stones and plastic with your garden waste is wrong. Trust us on this! Come bin day, you’ll have the same amount of waste as you started. Make the right choice and organise your garden waste from today.


Have you ever walked through Leeds and seen rubbish dumped on alleyways, roads, pavements or parks? Well, that’s fly-tipping. Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste on public land or private property.

The Waste Team has been called to help clear out local areas prone to fly-tipping. Our service has helped councils like the City of Bradford and Leeds City Council when needed! If you have a lot of garden waste, don’t chuck it in these areas. The Waste Team will professionally remove your waste and help get your garden back in shape.

Contact The Waste Team for Garden Waste Removal

Follow our simple dos and don'ts of garden waste disposal to ensure your waste is removed in a safe and environmentally friendly way. When you go with The Waste Team, we can ensure your garden will be ready for the summer months ahead. Just pop us a message, and we’ll recycle and remove your waste in no time!


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