Why Hasn’t My Bin Been Emptied?

PUBLISHED: 05/02/2024

Are your bins overflowing with waste when the next bin day comes around? With green and black bins only collected on alternate weeks, this is a problem many of us face. Even worse, when the sacred bin day arrives, you may later see that your rubbish wasn’t collected!

You could carry your waste to the council tip, hire a skip, or hold off until the next bin day. But why risk surrounding yourself with waste? In this blog, you’ll discover how to handle a missed bin collection and who to contact to remove your waste. 


Reasons Your Black Bin Wasn’t Emptied

You'll often find you’re the culprit behind a missed bin collection. The top reasons your bin wasn’t collected:

  1. Bad weather conditions;
  2. You forgot to move the bin outside your home in time for collection;
  3. You put the wrong bin outside (if in doubt, check your bin days!);
  4. Your bin contained items that were hazardous, large or heavy, e.g., batteries, gas bottles, paint, rubble, branches and syringes;
  5. The council’s refuse crew couldn’t lift your wheelie bin because it’s too heavy (don’t forget, Leeds Council will only collect 3 bags at a time);
  6. You’ve placed additional bin bags at the side of your bin (it must be in the wheelie bin);
  7. A refuse workers' strike halted collections;
  8. Roadworks, construction or road closures stopped the crew from accessing your bin;
  9. Loose rubbish stuck to the inside of the bin, making it impossible to tip without manual intervention.

How to Report a Missed Bin Collection

If your bin is still full after bin day, you must report it to the council for investigation. Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, and any neighbouring councils have a report you can fill out to start this investigation.

In most cases, there will be a known reason why your bin wasn’t collected, such as poor weather conditions or you’ve gone against council bin guidelines.

Get Your Bin Collected

Once you’ve reported your missed bin collection, you could wait another two weeks for your recycling or household waste to be collected. Don’t risk it! Contact a waste removal company to get your overflowing bins emptied quickly.

At The Waste Team, we’ve helped hundreds of households clear out their domestic waste across Leeds, Wakefield and the wider Yorkshire area. We offer 20 years of experience as a licensed waste carrier and carry an outstanding reputation for our services.

How do you book us for a bin collection? Simply fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch with a FREE quote. On your chosen day, place your waste somewhere accessible so our team can pick it up without a hassle.

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