Why a Waste Disposal Service is Better than a Skip Hire

PUBLISHED: 03/04/2023

Waste can easily pile up when you are clearing out your house, garden or office space. Everywhere you look, there’s a cluttered mess or a growing mass of black bin bags scattered in every corner. The growing smell and appearance are not appealing (trust us, we basically live and breathe it!) and can become a health hazard when it starts to get in the way of walking routes and fire exits.

It’s important to get on top of your waste before it gets worse. You may be now looking for a service that’ll take care of this for you - either a skip hire or a waste removal company. In this blog, we’ll talk about the differences between these options and summarise the benefits of going with The Waste Team as your choice.

What is a Skip?

A skip bin is a large bulky container designed for the temporary storage and disposal of various types of rubbish. They are commonly preferred for construction and demolition waste as well as household and garden waste. When hired, the skip will live on the property for a short period of time during the renovation or construction work.

What is Waste Removal?

A rubbish removal service does what it says on the tin - swiftly removes your rubbish! At The Waste Team, we’re a Yorkshire-based waste removal company that safely and quickly takes away piles of rubbish, whether it’s bulky items like your mattress or bags of garden waste from getting your garden summer ready. As part of this service, we also efficiently clear out houses and offices as well as strip out services in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Why you Should Choose The Waste Team Over a Skip

Convenience and flexibility

Waste removal is more convenient and flexible than a skip hire. When you go with a skip, you need to order and arrange for the delivery and collection of the skip to your property. Once it arrives, it will likely move onto your drive or take up space in your parking lot. This can be a nuisance, especially if you’re limited on parking, which may mean you have to park off-site or even fork out for public parking!

Getting your waste collected with us is a much more convenient option. All you need to do is contact us with information about the job, and we’ll book it for a time and date that suits you. Plus, with a waste management team, you can avoid the unsightly pile of rubbish taking up space on your property!


A waste disposal service is safer and more pain free than a skip. Hiring a skip includes a lot of manual labour. You have to load all of your waste in the skip yourself, which may mean you have to lift heavy goods at a considerable height to get them out of the way. Lifting items like these can be a hazard and put a risk of hurting your back or shoulders.

The Waste Team are CHAS registered and has over 20 years of experience in the safe manual handling of rubbish. We’ll dismantle, handle and even carry heavy items, like your sofas, downstairs so you’re kept free from harm. Let us do the hard work for you!


Waste removal is also more cost-effective than a skip as your money only goes towards how much waste you chuck! When you choose a skip, you’ll be charged for the delivery, collection and disposal of your waste. Plus, you’ll also need a permit required by the council which means more money will go out of your pocket for a big metal bin! Making your money’s worth with a skip can be hard as they don’t hold room for white goods like washing machines or freezers. When you do get these goods in, you’ll likely fill up the skip much quicker and create spaces and voids that don’t allow you to efficiently store waste.

We only charge you for the amount of waste you need to be removed. Waste removal services are a much more cost-effective option that makes you pay only for what you need.

Better for the Environment

Waste disposal services are more environmentally friendly as they are required to handle waste responsibly, making sure that it’s either recycled or disposed of properly. The Waste Team are environmentally conscious and ensure 90% of the waste we collect is recycled. Just recently, we helped stop 12 tonnes of paper from going to the landfill by recycling it!

Some skip hires may take your rubbish to a landfill or dumpsite, which is bad for the environment as it produces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Professional Service and Expertise

The Waste Team is dedicated to cleaning up Leeds and surrounding areas with our exceptional 5-star quality service. Our priority is you, which we can’t promise for all skip companies. We always handle items safely without causing damage to your property and will help you in any way as long as it involves rubbish!

If you’re interested in a stress-free, reliable and fast waste removal service, contact us today for a free quote.



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