How to Prepare for a House Clearance

PUBLISHED: 03/09/2023

Your house is full of memories, hoarding items from the past and present. Clearing out your busy home becomes a nightmare when it comes to the end of tenancy or your renovation project. Moving or updating your home should be fun - not a long, stressful process.

You must carefully plan your house clearance to save time and effort when it’s all in action. In this guide, we’ll explore the top things you need to consider when clearing out your home and why a professional waste removal team is the answer to all your problems. 

How Long Does It Take to Clear a Home?

A house clearance depends on your timescales, the people involved and how much stuff you have! If you’re nearing the end of your tenancy, you should clear time in your calendar to empty each room accordingly. You don’t want to risk moving everything on the day, so work towards a tight deadline and ensure all areas are covered.

If you’re doing a complete renovation, you should focus on the rooms you’re redecorating first and then tick off each room as you go. Depending on the size of your home, a manual house clearance can take days to complete. Get plenty of volunteers, moving boxes and a dedicated waste disposal team to get any remaining items chucked!

Step 1: Separate Your Belongings into 4 Sections

Chuck, keep, donate or recycle. The four things you must consider when sorting out your household belongings. Go through each room and label every item with colour-coded stickers. Being ruthless is crucial here, so if you’re struggling to decide if a piece of furniture is worth the move or the bin, ask yourself, “Is it used enough?” or “Will it suit my new home?”. You’ll get your answer quickly.

Many items can be easily recycled, so avoid placing belongings in the pile for landfill. If any items are in good condition, donate them to your local charity. Either way, you’re giving back to the community and planet! Once you’ve done this, arrange everything into separate piles.

Step 2: Roughly Estimate How Much Waste You Have

You’ve made it through the hard part. Now that everything is neatly categorised, you need to estimate how much domestic waste and unwanted items you have.

Bulky household items like mattresses, cupboards and white goods will take up a lot of space, whereas black bags of general waste won’t. At The Waste Team, the only estimate we need is a simple description of what type of rubbish and how much there is. You can send pictures to make the booking easy.

Step 3: Arrange a House Clearance

For any items you want to donate, drop them off at your local charity or arrange a pick up on the charity’s set collection day. We’re sure someone will love your old items!

You may think a skip is your answer to your piles of rubbish. But a skip requires a lot of manual labour and can put your health at risk. Plus, if you have lots of bulky items, this will take up space quicker, leaving you with less room to pack them out. A waste disposal company is a cost-effective, safe and convenient way to remove unwanted waste.

Get a free quote from us and book a time that suits you. The Waste Team has over 20 years of experience clearing offices, homes and gardens in Leeds, Wakefield and surrounding areas. We’ll clear out your house from top to bottom, safely removing beds, sofas and old furnishing wherever needed. We also guarantee a 90% recycling rate of all collected waste so that you can reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!

If you need a stress-free, fast house clearance, contact The Waste Team, and our team be in touch.



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